We deserve LED lighting

As an environmental enthusiasts, and now facing to increasingly unusual weather ,I have to say a few words, I am so shock and sad that I heard the Oklahoma hurricanes killed nearly one hundred live life two days ago, including more than thirty children. Hurricane is formed in Atlantic and eastern North Pacific where a strong and deep tropical cyclone form. Obviously, increasing greenhouse effect warming enhanced the formation of hurricanes and ultimately lead to serious consequences. How to mitigate the greenhouse effect has become a big puzzle.Image
 We have been promoting low-carbon environment life, we should save water and electricity in daily life, such as turning off lights and display, tap tightly closed after use, etc. These subtle movements are worthy of our attention, especially electricity, maybe there are a lot of people would ask, saving electricity is really important to us? I can certainly tell you that, definitely, why? Because the main culprit of the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is often produced by the burning of coal power generation, so saving electricity can indirectly lead to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. In the United States, coal-fired power plants provide about 46% of the electricity. Visible, saving electricity is the main way to mitigate the greenhouse effect, the Earth Hour each year on March is the most typical example to promote reducing energy consumption. However, just turning off the lights for one hour can not solve the fundamental problem, we need energy saving and environmentally friendly lighting. Recently, LED lighting has emerged as time required
LED lighting uses semiconductor lighting, which is the biggest characteristic compared to energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps. It e effectively reduce the waste of energy into heat energy which is produced by incandescent tungsten in luminescent light and inert gas in fluorescent light, can promote more energy into light energy , so you can save energy. Meanwhile, the semiconductor light emits no infrared and ultraviolet light, and prevent light pollution generated by the inert gas and the tungsten. Most importantly, LED lighting adopt DC drives, it can convert the alternating current into direct current, maximum to avoid emitting fluorescent and incandescent AC strobe irritation the human eye, so the green also played a big role .
Indeed, this is the principal of all LED lighting. Now a more extensive application of the LED flood light has appeared in decorative lighting and other outdoor venues. Because of his unique octahedral structure and a point light source, ensuring that he has a wide range of lighting features, and it uses high voltage constant current driver so that it emits high brightness light. Moreover, its unique glass shade and light body is made of aluminum alloy material with high thermal conductivity, the surface electrostatic sprays high heat dissipation material, these features also guarantees a unique waterproof, dustproof, shock, lighting, high definition and good heat dissipation characteristics, it can be widely applied to outdoor spaces such as squares, stadiums, parks, fountains, tables and aerial vehicles and aircraft factory lamps which require high brightness lighting, it has long lighting life and is difficult to damage ensure that it is commit to saving manpower and material resources and reducing the financial investment.

Of course, a good professional LED lighting requires professional team to build, Li Sida lighting http://www.lead-lighting.com precisely can provide you with more ahead of other sectors of the professional LED lighting, he is continuing its efforts to improve the presence of LED lighting defect and join him to create a more environmentally friendly energy-efficient LED lighting, we look forward to more specialized companies like Li Sida lighting that produce mass consumption of high-quality LED products, I firmly believe that we stay away from natural disasters on the day when all traditional bulbs replaced by LED bulb,you deserve LED lighting.

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