How to choose LED lighting

With the LED products have been increasingly strengthened awareness of low-carbon environment, people pay more and more attention to lighting products, especially LED products due to its high energy saving and environmental protection, has been widely supported in our daily life, but our concern is how to choose good LED lighting products that is suitable for us.As long as we follow these criteria to judge. Choosing good LED lighting will not be a puzzle.

1, product packaging

(1) whether there is product trademarks and certification marks.

For example: 3C certification, CE certification, UL certification, GS certification, in addition to, trademark printing quality of high-quality products is good, clear with a soft damp cloth, if it has clearly markedit can’t be easily erased.

(2) whether the product’s rated voltage range color temperature, precautions, safety instructions, applicable environmental , etc. are marked clearly,

2, product price comparison

Due to LED lamps special production process, the cost is relatively high. The average domestic price of LED lights are in the forty to fifty or more, imports is higher.

3, the appearance of the product

First whether the appearance of the product is very rough. glue is cleaned or not, whether or not a fixed screw protrude on plane? If the color of the screw is consistent with the outermost shell

4, the lighting inspection

When lamp is lightened  we should  carefully observe color changes, if, the yellow light trun into white light in a short time, or a white light into a white light with blue color, we have to give up such products, because there two possibilities in it case: one: power problems; two: LED light source selection is turnovers. In addition, the color of the lamp must be positive, lamp light color does not flash. After LED lighting is started, we can detect the heat by contacting with the product surface temperature, and if the product surface temperature continue to rise in one hour, rather than a maximum temperature stabilized at 30 minutes, then do not select the product, thermal reasons results in reducing product life.Image

The lighting time of LED flood light is longer than other LED lights, has been applied to outdoor long decorative lighting, its unique glass shade and light aluminum body coated with high thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation material ensure it has advantage of waterproof dustproof and high heat dissipation capability, but it can not guarantee its quality must be excellent, according to above particular we can also judged it is good or bad, of course, it is difficult to find good professional lighting companies ahead of peers, Li Sida lighting www. is undoubtedly one of theseIt is known as its high quality products and unique product and has been praising by domestic and foreign for a long time.

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