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How to choose healthy environmental protection lamp

Modern home continues to accelerate the pace of development, the lamp is no longer simply provide illumination tool. Lamps  not only illuminate our home, but also heighten the atmosphere, it can be said lamps holds an important position in the modern home. But with the home evolved, it is more and more difficult for consumers to buy the lamps.  What principles should we pay attention to when we purchase lamps? Here I will share with everyone together.

1.Safety is mostly important

In the home life, safety lighting must be our first consideration. No assurance of safety, not to mention other highlights lighting advantage. So security should be a standard user primary take  into consideration especially families with children

While home environment is varied ,requirements of the lamps are not the same. We must select the appropriate home environment lighting to provide security lighting,. No matter what the environment is used, the lamp should meet safety standards, especially the bathroom and kitchen on the lighting requirements are higher, you should choose products with a higher level of waterproof and dustproof.

The lamp should not easily be touched by children, lamps causing an electric shock is usually due to use of non-compliant lamp or live parts of lamp cover doesn’t add or other such measures of protection against electric shock. We’d better not to choose a sharp component products to try to ensure that it is not dangerous to children.

In general, the larger manufacturers of lamps have the relevant safety standards, they also provide after-sales service, it is a relatively easy solution for us to choose a good reputation of the big brands.

2.advantages and facilitate

Home fixture after prolonged use inevitably need to scrub or replaced and cleaning and tidying up the advantages of convenient lighting manifested.

The use of lighting should match the overall home decor, but also combined with the indoor area, configure in accordance with the number and the appropriate size of furniture .we should adopt the ceiling or wall lamp whose diameter is 200 mm below in the small living room whose size is 12 square meters below, lamp number and size should fitly match so as not only to become too crowded, but easier inconvenience in the home life.

3.Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

It is now growing awareness of energy conservation, energy-efficient lighting not only reduces the electricity bill for us, while also contributing to a low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving lamps also choose a wise move. Take LED flood light as Landscape lighting in the open for example,we can we can save a lot of public lighting investment and maintenance costs

How to Choose energy-saving is simply look at the lamp rated power, lighting power unit is watts (abbreviated W, W), the lamp power consumption of the lower total wattage is lower than the total higher wattage lamps. Some products are “UL” word mark, which shows that the product has been recognized by Underwriter Laboratories Inc.,also is the safety indicators certification of light indicators.

4.View the power in the choice of products

There is also a need to note is that, although the energy-saving lamp wattage is low, prices are more reasonable, but the CFL has mercury vapor, pollution of the environment is relatively large, so the user can choose conditional LED lights for home lighting, although the price is higher than other lamps, but lower power, longer life, and environmental protection is more excellent. Such as LED tube light specialize in soft and stable light as indoor lighting.

5.Beautiful style

Appearance, well-lit lamps can give our home life more colorful, using attractive lamps is a good way to beautify the home environment. Various household lighting tricks customers, different users have different preferences, choosing the style and color is also different, either chandelier or ceiling, we only need to pick our favorite available.

We should be based on our actual needs and personal preferences to choose lighting styles. If you pay attention to the practicality of light, black should be picked, dark red and other dark colors chrome ceiling or floor lamp, and if they focus on the pursuit of modern decorative style, then choose lively spot lighting. If it is a favorite ethnic style of the lamp, you can select sculpture craft floor lamp.

The color should be light and home environment coordinated decor. Bedroom lighting layout must take into account the style of living room furniture, wall color, the color of household appliances, lighting and otherwise inconsistent with the overall tone of the room, it will be self-defeating. Such as indoor wall color is light-colored, we should match warm incandescent light source, so you can create a bright and soft light environment.

6.Functional diversification

As technology advances, lighting features also towards the direction of diversification, intelligent lighting also began to enter our home. Many lamps provide a variety of functions, some of these features designed for entertainment, some for the remote control design, and so forth.

Our selection of lamps may encounter when adding some extra money you can get some of the features, which we need purchase on the basis of conjunction with our actual situation so that make our life more fashionable and comfortable.

ImageLighting is the crowning touch to our home lives, we must not be negligent when purchasing. It is apparently that it is not difficult to choose a suitable and favorite light,although there are wide variety of different lamps, The above five elements are optional lamps focus, we should be in the choice of reasonable use. If then with the modern home decor, our home life will surely be better.

Obviously, good lighting fixtures need more specialized manufacturer of LED lighting to produce. can be fully qualified, the leading peer LED lighting manufacturing technology and service attitude has been accepting by domestic users and aboard, Lee Sida together with more environmental enthusiast is walking on the more spacious boulevard of green LED.

How to choose LED light to efficiently save time and effort

At the beginning of this year, I was looking for good lighting products to light up in my renovated courtyard , because my garden is relatively large, I need wide range of lighting and bright lights, I have used fluorescent lights before,but over ten fluorescent lamps can barely lit courtyard in less than 100 square meters of courtyard, I cost  two or three hundred monthly electricity bill, and several fluorescent lamps were out of work,it made me very upset. That time I just renovated courtyard again, I decided to replace all fluorescent lamps with more energy saving lamps, and I talked with my friend John, he strongly suggested me use LED floodlight instead of others. John is primarily responsible for the planning of public facilities in their city, their city was carried out reconstruction project just last year, a large number of street lights and landscape lights has replaced with LED lights last year, they saved more than three million U.S. dollars in lighting investment over the first half, used in stadiums, squares and architectural lighting, landscape lights and used in railway, highway tunnel lights must light for a long time, they often need care and maintenance, since the change of the LED flood light and LED tunnel lights, almost nothing problem has occurred t, LED lights greatly saves manpower and material resources for their city. When I made decision of renewing the lighting, so naturally think and discuss with him. He said they also referred majority of lighting features such as high-pressure mercury lamp, etc. Although the lighting is good, but the cost is too high, a take at least two to three hundred dollars, it is too expensive lighting facilities to choose for a large amount of lighting replacement, and finally many contrasts of price, they came to an agreement with using LED lighting,  because it not only has relatively low cost, in the seventy to eighty dollars, but LED lighting is famous for energy saving. Next considering which lighting company they chosen, and their preferred to China, why? Because the Chinese lighting market is very hot, there are relatively more professional lighting company than elsewhere in the world, however, high profile lighting products high price relative to other companies, they also needed relatively inexpensive product, so they aren’t interested in these company. Eventually they made a contract with a company who has affordable price and professional skills, more than three thousand LED floodlights and more than two thousand LED lights were delivered to them on schedule, along with on detailed installation instructions and cautions ,the lighting company specifically called their company and confessed their procurement staff that if artificial damage within seven days replacement, one year later, only the LED tunnel lights that light up 24 hours broken .

He also asked to be there from the procurement officer of this company’s website, I clicked it, I was shocked by their user-friendly design, I did not need to open several pages to select products, simply click on an option, the product performance characteristics is clear, I learned more about the characteristics of LED floodlights after leaving my firm intention to buy it, when I called to consult,I thoroughly conquered because of their enthusiastic attitude and detailed explain, I also compared with their prices and lighting products industry and found that it is indeed lower than similar products, I did not hesitate to set a 10 LED magic light, from paying my money to delivery goods, less than half the time, there is not out of any problems, the most important is that three or four hundred electrical change a month ago has now been reduced to quickly less than two hundred


I hope my experience to help you choose a good LED products so that you can save more time and effort to gain a lot of unexpected results.

I have a good experience to share

I have a good friend Johnny working in urban planning bureau, he is responsible for the city’s building and planning, he is always proudly talking about the best thing that is a greatest contribution to the city. They planned a large-scale lighting renovation project for their city to practice low-carbon environmental conservation last year,. He strongly recommended to use LED floodlights and LED tunnel lights to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp used in parks, squares and gymnasium and road and rail tunnels, as he said, thanks to LED lighting , the government saved more than 500 million dollars lighting investment in the fourth quarter of last year, which includes electricity charges and cost inputs of maintaining lighting equipment.

Of course, such large renovation project required a relatively reasonable price and guaranteed quality, they also spent a lot of time and energy comparing a large number of lighting companies, they finally reached an agreement with a Chinese lighting company. China is the most popular country of LED manufacturing, where there are many world-renowned LED manufacturers, most of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting products have high prices, and fortunately they found one whose reputation is not high in the LED lighting industrybut it has excellent value, and they have been very satisfying with their warm hospitality and professional skills. After their issued orders, less than half month they finished. There are nearly nothing problems with LED floodlight installed in the square and stadium in six months so far, except only a few tunnel lights that turn on 24 hours. He also interested in the company’s services and products.


At the beginning of this year, I just renovated the house, I needed some garden lighting, he recommended I use this company’s products, I did not hesitate to click, which was really surprised me, first of all their humane professional website let me have a good impression about the company, I called the company’s phone, their answers were so passionate and detailed that I was very shocked, and finally I bought 10 20W LED flood light. From my order to delivery timethere were less than two weeks, they has shipped scheduled LED lights. From then onfour months has passedI has been lightening all the night, nothing problem happened , I used to spend four or five hundred a month because of lighting, now less than two hundred, and I thank my friend Johnny, of course, I look forward to more grace of this professional LED company.

Why does U.S. have frequent extreme weather recently

Recently, the U.S. central region has suffered from tornadoes, hail, storms and other inclement weather, unusually dry in the western region triggered fires in a large area earlier this month. Several experts pointed out that the United States, the U.S. has more extreme weather than any other country on the planet, and factors especially global warming has been leading to more frequent extreme weather. U.S. meteorologist Robert Henson believes that it is very difficult to find another one like the U.S. size on the Earth, extreme weather has been emerging in so many different places. With the climate continues to change, drought and heavy rain becomes more frequent. Global warming is the culprit of extreme weather, however, excess of carbon dioxide emissions is the key reasons that cause global warming With the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference was held, how to reduce carbon emissions become the subject of attention. Emission reduction targets for developed and developing countries around the debate is likely to continue, but from the start bit by bit everyday life, what should we do to slow global climate is doing a “low-carbon life” practitioner and changing inherent habits are urgent need of.

On March each year The Earth Hour emphasis that the lighting is an important part of energy saving, according to statistics, coal-fired power plants emit 0.39 kg of carbon dioxide to produce each kilowatt , we urgently need energy saving lighting, and the third generation energy saving LED lighting came into being. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED lighting save 30% or more, save 60% or more interior lighting, saving more than 50% backlight applications, Landscape Lighting LED flood light save more than 80%, the annual saving is 60 billion kWh, which is equivalent to saving 21 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions nearly 60 million tons. At present, light pollution has been affecting human health, and can no longer be ignored to the point. The LED has no flicker, no UV radiation, no electromagnetic radiation, low heat radiation characteristics, coupled with application of light diffusion technology to eliminate glare, making it a truly healthy source.

LED light is known as the “green light energy,” the product does not contain mercury, lead and other six hazardous substances that is limited by the international. In the same brightness, the power consumption is only equal to 1/10 of ordinary incandescent lampits life can be extended by 50 times ,it has become the representative of world’s fourth-generation energy-saving products.

Energy and environmental issues have become increasingly prominent today, energy conservation becomes more important and urgent. Under the premise of failed to develop alternative energy sources, how to more efficiently use existing energy resources is effective way to solve the problem of energy shortage. Thanks to highly efficient energy-saving features of the LED lighting, LED industry is bound to become national, regional and related industries and enterprises concerned and the development of hot spots.

 As an environmental enthusiast, I recommend that we must make full use of LED lighting to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow down global warming, of course, I have many colleagues and friends who use LED lighting in daily life, they are very satisfied with the savings brought about a lot of electricity and long service life that reduces the hassle of replacing the lamp. Only professional LED lighting company can produced good lighting products, professional skills and attentive service can often come to the fore, Li Sida lighting is such a company, we expect him to bring us much more quality and lower price LED lighting and spread the LED lighting into every corner of the world, if the day comes true,we believe there is no problem with significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, the Earth would not plagued by extreme weather any more.

Why do we choose LED flood light instead of other

LED lighting adopts semiconductor lighting, effectively avoid emission large quantities of heat, which is produced by the tungsten in incandescent light and inert gas in fluorescent light, resulting in less heat and making great efforts to solve the bad bulb bursts that caused by heat or even fire. Moreover, semiconductor lighting does not emit large amounts of infrared and ultraviolet light, which contains in light pollution caused by incandescent and fluorescent seriously have severe influence on the atmosphere and people’s daily lives, LED lighting commonly used low-voltage constant current driver that directly convert power the AC into direct current, thus solving strobe that irritate the human eye because of AC luminescence no harm to the human eye

Image As an environmental enthusiast, I also strive to practicing action of low-carbon environment, the annual Earth Hour promote energy-saving, but we can not turn off the lights all the time at night, so LED lights with high energy saving is necessary. My friends Susan is working in a city planning bureau, where she is primarily responsible for her county lighting plan, since the adoption of LED floodlights for urban plazas, parks and public places, the institute hall lamp lightingwith LED light’s help the county has efficiently reduced trouble in  financial repair and maintenance of investment and manpower, she also bought a LED lamp to decorate in the apartment. In her recommendation, I have just renovated courtyard, also bought LED floodlight for lighting, indeed LED flood light really help me save the cost of electricity and avoid trouble of replacement LED flood light has bright, wide light and is unlike incandescent as glare. Their county planning need a lot of cheap but good quality lighting because of their large-scale renovation project, they had to looking for a long time and refer lighting and fortunately they found a professional LED manufacturer and made a agreement due to friendly service and on-time delivery, a large number of LED floodlights and street lighting have used nearly a year, and now in addition there are few bad LED street lightsLED floodlight basically has nothing problem in stadium and park. Such high-quality lighting equipment is the first time they met, she recommended me this company, I did not hesitate to buy a dozen LED floodlights, I am very satisfied with the less than one weeks delivery and considerate service .

iPhone5S trial production in June or with dual LED flash

According to the latest news released Japanese media   iPhone 5S will begin trial production in June, the time of its debut is September of this year.

iPhone 5S will provide iSight camera with dual LED fill light and also design with the rear microphone between the camera and the LED lights. The shape of Generation iPhone 5S remained is the same as iPhone 5,

In addition to the previously leaked to the Web site will be three aircraft fuselage color style choices to say, the latest news also shows iPhone 5S will also provide new versions of gold and green, etc., so the future of the aircraft should be more than three body colors optional.     Image

Obviously, LED lights have attracted the world’s leading electronic products Apple’s attention, and why he has so such charm, in fact, he is not only known for their eco-friendliness, and compared with the traditional fluorescent light ,it can greatly reduces the stimulation of human eye,especially LED flood light in the outdoor decorative lighting is acclaimed for its wide brightness by the us, Li Sida photoelectric, with its more leading peer LED lighting technology ,has accounted for a place in the LED lighting market.

Transformation of 100,000 LED energy-efficient lighting to upgrade Beijing Subway

Beijing Metro departments, said recently 100,000 LED lighting transformation and air conditioning energy saving transformation at 25 stations will be completed in 2015 in Beijing subway, in order to achieve goal that it can saving 10 million degree each year.

Staff replaced LED lighting (Picture from Beijing Subway) 


It is reported that Beijing subway LED lighting retrofit is to achieve Beijing subway saving energy, promote green lighting. Starting in 2005, the Beijing subway began to invest 8.5 billion yuan for the two metro lines of more than 70 devices system transformation.

Currently, Beijing MTR Corporation has already begun to retrofit LED lighting equipment on subway lines and Metro Line, the current construction of “saving Metro” project involve a total of 34 subway stations, 30,000 lighting renovation. After project completed,It is expected energy 4.5 million degree savings will be cut down per years.

Staff replacement LED lighting (Picture from Beijing Subway)  Image

Analysts said that, as a new generation, LED lighting with the salient features of non-polluting energy. LED lighting can save 80% or more energy compared to incandescent, the global has been pressuring on energy conservation, and vigorously promoting LED lighting become one of the main ways to achieve national policy objectives.

Now, seven stage Beijing Subway site is simultaneous constructed,the installment of LED light has been completed on the 1st line Da Wang Road Station and Wing Lane Station, the project including Line 2 Jianguomen station,Fuchengmen Station, Gulou Avenue 5 station  construction, the entire construction plan will fully completed at the end of May.

LED lighting, especially LED flood light has been widely applied to the subway station, parks, stadiums, and other public places lighting, LED lighting, energy saving has been making an outstanding contribution to the earth, we have reason to believe that we work together with professional lighting company to replace the traditional lighting households and step into thousands of households.

Intelligent development of LED light embodied in the U.S. International Lighting Fair

American International Lighting Fair (LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL) was successfully held on April 23 to 25 inPhiladelphia. It is organized by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Design and currently is the largest and most concentrated visitors International Lighting Fair in the United States.
International lighting manufacturers Philips, Osram and General Electric and other companies participated in the exhibition. It is noteworthy that, in addition to OSRAM booth still showed fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, other products are LED lighting products.
American International Lighting Fair (Photos from Philips)
In addition, Japanese and South Korea LED enterprises also actively participated in. Japanese companies are Toshiba, Sharp, Nichia, Citizen, Korean companies including Samsung, LG, etc. Seoul Semiconductor. But these enterprises mainly provide LED devices, not muchlighting products.
Major mainstream of this exhibition is increased intelligent control LED lighting products, which is the future development direction and also has been paid attention to. Intelligence reflects not only the advantages of LED, but also allow lighting to serve better in our lives.LED road light and outdoor power LED flood light shined in novel way there, we can see the light but not source, and installing energy-saving devices on this basis is more energy efficient. Indoor lighting products in the light environment transformation concept is novel and unique, the lamp, grille, High Bay lights, spotlights, lighting lamps, especially the use of diffuse through the mask emitting principle will make lighting products more rational scientific. The light environment way of commercial lighting has been updated light. The most important concept of arrangement promotion “fit” is widely recognized that many commercial lighting lively performance.
Cree vice president of global strategy • Chris James (Chris James) said, LED’s costs will continue to decline, the application of the payback period further shortened to 1-2 years, the market will be further opened, especially LED and architectural decoration materials such as ceiling combined with the IPAD and other electronic product integration will bring a huge market
It is because LED lighting meet energy saving concept and low-carbon environment , widely popular in the world, of course, we need more good LED lighting manufacturer ahead of peers to accomplish. Exactly Li Sida photoelectric offer more affordable prices and excellent quality service to domestic and foreign consumers. It is our common choice.

We deserve LED lighting

As an environmental enthusiasts, and now facing to increasingly unusual weather ,I have to say a few words, I am so shock and sad that I heard the Oklahoma hurricanes killed nearly one hundred live life two days ago, including more than thirty children. Hurricane is formed in Atlantic and eastern North Pacific where a strong and deep tropical cyclone form. Obviously, increasing greenhouse effect warming enhanced the formation of hurricanes and ultimately lead to serious consequences. How to mitigate the greenhouse effect has become a big puzzle.Image
 We have been promoting low-carbon environment life, we should save water and electricity in daily life, such as turning off lights and display, tap tightly closed after use, etc. These subtle movements are worthy of our attention, especially electricity, maybe there are a lot of people would ask, saving electricity is really important to us? I can certainly tell you that, definitely, why? Because the main culprit of the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is often produced by the burning of coal power generation, so saving electricity can indirectly lead to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. In the United States, coal-fired power plants provide about 46% of the electricity. Visible, saving electricity is the main way to mitigate the greenhouse effect, the Earth Hour each year on March is the most typical example to promote reducing energy consumption. However, just turning off the lights for one hour can not solve the fundamental problem, we need energy saving and environmentally friendly lighting. Recently, LED lighting has emerged as time required
LED lighting uses semiconductor lighting, which is the biggest characteristic compared to energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps. It e effectively reduce the waste of energy into heat energy which is produced by incandescent tungsten in luminescent light and inert gas in fluorescent light, can promote more energy into light energy , so you can save energy. Meanwhile, the semiconductor light emits no infrared and ultraviolet light, and prevent light pollution generated by the inert gas and the tungsten. Most importantly, LED lighting adopt DC drives, it can convert the alternating current into direct current, maximum to avoid emitting fluorescent and incandescent AC strobe irritation the human eye, so the green also played a big role .
Indeed, this is the principal of all LED lighting. Now a more extensive application of the LED flood light has appeared in decorative lighting and other outdoor venues. Because of his unique octahedral structure and a point light source, ensuring that he has a wide range of lighting features, and it uses high voltage constant current driver so that it emits high brightness light. Moreover, its unique glass shade and light body is made of aluminum alloy material with high thermal conductivity, the surface electrostatic sprays high heat dissipation material, these features also guarantees a unique waterproof, dustproof, shock, lighting, high definition and good heat dissipation characteristics, it can be widely applied to outdoor spaces such as squares, stadiums, parks, fountains, tables and aerial vehicles and aircraft factory lamps which require high brightness lighting, it has long lighting life and is difficult to damage ensure that it is commit to saving manpower and material resources and reducing the financial investment.

Of course, a good professional LED lighting requires professional team to build, Li Sida lighting precisely can provide you with more ahead of other sectors of the professional LED lighting, he is continuing its efforts to improve the presence of LED lighting defect and join him to create a more environmentally friendly energy-efficient LED lighting, we look forward to more specialized companies like Li Sida lighting that produce mass consumption of high-quality LED products, I firmly believe that we stay away from natural disasters on the day when all traditional bulbs replaced by LED bulb,you deserve LED lighting.

big-wave surfer

“Falling wasn’t an option,” was the thought running through the mind of big-wave surfer and waterman Mark Healey as he rode this wave. “Teahupoo is truly one of the wonders of the world. I’ve been making an annual pilgrimage to there for the past 17 years.”